Two visionary winemaking families, each with over a century of experience making exemplary wines, teamed together to produce this unique new Prosecco.

To craft VOVETI, the Ferrers engaged the talents of the Collavini family of Corno di Rosazzo in Friuli, master craftsmen whose winemaking history, like that of the Ferrers, spans many generations. Both wine families have forged worldwide reputations for crafting balanced wines lauded for their freshness, finesse and personality.

The promise of Friulian precision the Collavinis bring to the table is evident in VOVETI, an artisan Prosecco that is both a pleasure to drink and expressive of Italy’s finest Prosecco fruit.


Fulfilling the promise of the best Prosecco fruit from Veneto region and the stellar white winemaking tradition of Friuli, VOVETI Prosecco is the epitome of artisan Italian winemaking.



Located in the heart of the Veneto region, Conegliano Valdobbiadene is the epicenter of some of the finest Prosecco fruit in Italy. Marked by rolling hillsides of chalky, clay, calcareous soils and bathed in cooling Adriatic breezes, the conditions are idea for Prosecco. The grapes mature slowly, bringing bright acidity, rich flavors and fragrant aromas to the glass.



The fruit for VOVETI is hand-picked in late September from vineyards located near the towns of Valdobbiadene, Vidor and Col San Martino.

Sourcing fruit from multiple vineyards gives our Prosecco a lively fruity profile, a complexity of flavors, textures and consistency from year to year. Grapes are transported east to the winery in Friuli in 10 kilo lug boxes to prevent bruising.


At the Eugenio Collavini Viticoltori winery, located in Friuli’s prestigious Colli Orientali region, full berry clusters are gently pressed and the juice undergoes slow cooled fermentation. This preserves the grape’s delicate aromatics and freshness. The first fermentation in stainless steel occurs over 10 days at 12°C, with aging on the lees lasting until winter.

The second fermentation takes place over four months in contact with the lees at less than 14°C in stainless steel surge tanks. Periodic swirling “remouage” imparts complexity and the formation of a notably fine and fragrant mousse. Freshness, crisp acidity, delicate balance and finish are the hallmarks of VOVETI Prosecco.

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