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Voted "Best Prosecco" (by 13 sommeliers)
2011 Sommelier Challenge International Wine Competition
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"Clean and fresh aromas of Granny Smith apple, honeysuckle, and yeasty toast; crisp apple, honeydew and white peach flavors. Smooth, citrus finish with a hint of minerals. Antipasti or cold soup."
- Sante Magazine, July 2013 | Download flyer

"Soft and pleasing, with aromas of peach blossom, Anjou pear, light lemon, and a touch of nuts. Citrus and green apple on the palate, with a creamy texture and good acid balance. Deliciously fresh and lively. Salmon terrine."
- Sante Magazine, 16th Anniversary Issue, 2012 | View cover

90 POINTS - Ranked #2 among 15 Proseccos tasted!
"Smells a little sweet but has all the Prosecco details. Pear fruit, flowers, a touch of apple core, some mineral hints and a touch of ginseng. A bit coarse in the mouth, but not terribly effervescent, which makes this friendly and easy to drink. The fruit is bright with lime and pineapple accents to the core of pear which is lightly etched with mineral. More pear skin on the finish is joined with by a hint of herb and ginseng. This is all I want from a Prosecco."
- Snooth.com, December 2011 | View article | Download flyer

"Bright, dry and juicy with lively fruit; smooth, creamy and clean with nice flavors; long and balanced."
- Anthony Dias Blue, Tasting Panel, November 2012 | Download flyer

"This creamy prosecco features aromas of honeysuckle and notes of green apple, melon and ripe peach on the palate. It pairs well with antipasti, curry or roasted chicken."
- Gayot, December 2012 | View article

"Balanced between pear-like fruit and caramel apple sweetness, this is a soft sparkler to enjoy as an aperitif."
- Wine & Spirits, August 2013 | Download flyer

"Fresh, fragrant and light, this delivers a touch of sweetness, followed by aromas of citrus, white flowers and peach. It's crisp, easy and bright on the finish, with steely effervescence."
- Wine Enthusiast, December 2012 | Download flyer

"Ripe peach, tangerine, mango and cream notes are backed by juicy acidity and a lively bead in this balanced Prosecco."
- Wine Spectator, October 2012 | Download flyer

"The upscaling of Prosecco is under way...The wine is as clean and refreshing as Prosecco should be, but rises above the simple apple character of many peers. Playful. Stylish. A step up."
- W.R. Tish (former editor of Wine Enthusiast), New York Wine Salon, July 5, 2011
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"The wine is a prime example of what makes Prosecco so popular...This wine is given to fruit forward freshness and balanced elegance. Aromatics of white flowers and green apple and outstanding mousse or bubbles. The flavors offer hints of white peach, apricot and lots of creaminess but a great bright acidity that brings balance."
- Best Wines Under $20 Blog, November 2015 | View article

"A delicious bubbly that's crisp, flavorful and can be sipped alone or with spicy dishes such as Thai or Indian curry.
- Living Magazine, September 2015 | Download flyer

"Bright and springy, the prosecco complemented the salad and the crostini like a carefully choreographed duet for the senses."
- Out Front, October 2014 | View article

"This is an easy-drinking Prosecco... The fruit aromas are more pronounced in this Prosecco than you'll find in many other sparklers."
- Mutineer Magazine, August 2014 | Download flyer

"Very aromatic, smelling this is like sticking your nose in a fresh bouquet of flowers placed next to a juicy, just-sliced summer peach…Overall a refreshing and very expressive wine that delivers for its price point."
- Champagne Warrior, May 2013

"Shows loads of dry grass, green apple, spring flower and citrus. The effervescence is tonic and firm."
- Wine Enthusiast, December 2011 | Download flyer

"Dry and tangy, this offers flavors of Granny Smith apple, apricot and cantaloupe. It's fresh and lively, with a modest, lip-smacking finish. Drink now."
- Wine Spectator, November 2011 | Download flyer

The DC Ladies recommends VOVETI in a list of 10 bubblies for every budget, calling it "a favorite among critics and casual drinkers, alike."
The DC Ladies, June 2014 | View Article

Long Island Bride & Groom Magazine recommends VOVETI Prosecco as a wedding gift.
Long Island Bride & Groom, February 2014 | Download flyer

"Should appeal to the fashion-at-value crowd looking for a step up... Few will complain about this bubbly at a party."
- Winelines Online, January 2013 | View article

"This is one easy to drink sparkler... I dare you to just drink one glass!"
- The Reverse Wine Snob blog, December 2012 | View article

"From Friuli, Italy comes a Prosecco so bubbly and crisp, you might be tempted to start breaking it out at midnight every night. You'll get delicious flavors like apple, pear, and peach from this light sparkler."
- The Drink Nation, December 2012 | View article

"Soft and peachy, with light touches of tangerine and honeysuckle. A pretty, lightly off-dry sipper. Ready to drink now."
- Wine Skinny, December 2012 | View article

"This Italian wine was the consensus favorite among our tasters…starting out with crisp minerality, and dissolving to a clean finish."
- Courier-Journal, December 2012 | View article

"Voveti Prosecco is cosmopolitan. This one is for the hottest party at the hottest club. It is trendy yet sophisticated with notes of lemon, orange blossoms, peach, wheat and touch of vanilla. Voveti is another dry sparkler but very fresh."
- Cork Chronicles, December 2012 | View article

"Excellent selection for the price."
- Robert Whitley, Wine Review Online, November 2012 | View article

VOVETI is featured in an article about sparkling wines.
- Market Watch, November 2012 | Download flyer

"Is this worth a glass after work? Definitely! If you see this wine in the store, grab it; you won’t be disappointed."
- A Glass After Work, August 2012 | View article

"...fresh and brimming with delicate aromas and flavors of spring flowers, crispy apple, citrus and a hint of almond. The mousse is gentle and creamy, yet it shows vibrancy as the bubbles dance gracefully across your palate. The length is fairly persistent and it is very refreshing on the finish...delightful to sip as an apéritif while nibbling away at some almonds or cashews, but it is also lovely with cured meats such as Prosciutto di Parma, simply prepared seafood such as squid, clams or shrimp or even some lightly spicy Asian dishes."
- Mary Gorman-McAdams, The Kitchn, March 2012 | View article

"Experience, dedication and outstanding fruit have created Voveti, an elegant, vibrant and luscious sparkler with flavors of green apple, honeydew melon and citrus with just a hint of peaches and cream on the finish."
- Hayley Hamilton, Pink Memo Dallas, February 2012 | View article

"As pretty as it is pure, it leaves an impression of crystalline clarity on the palate. I also love the bottle."
- Nick Passmore, US Airways Magazine, January 2012 | View article

"A new wine on the market, this Prosecco is an ideal pick for gift-giving with its black-bottle beauty. The wine is soft and creamy with a fruity edge, making it ideal to serve alone as an aperitif or with spicy dishes."
- Leslie Sbrocco, Today Show's Bites Blog, December 2011 | View article

VOVETI was included in the feature article, "Prosecco's Bubble Not Bursting" by Roger Morris, in the June 2011 issue of Beverage Media.
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"Citrus and floral aromas that join harmoniously with green apple and honey flavors."
- Lou Marmon, Grapelines, December 2011 | View article

"...balanced and fresh Prosecco with apple, white flowers and bread crust on the nose and flavors of melon and ripe peach."
- Market Watch, June 2011 | Download flyer

"There's something extra-special about enjoying the fruity (hello, ripest peach and pear!), floral notes in VOVETI PROSECCO, in the gloriously warming rays of the sun."
-The Tasting Panel, July 2011 | Download flyer

"Fragrant and fresh, with graceful character, tempered acidity and impressive length."
- Beverage Dynamics, March 2011 | Download flyer

"VOVETI Prosecco starts the partying with good bubbles and fresh, peachy flavor. It's a fine aperitif and goes with classic antipasti, from prosciutto onward. Tasty with spicy Asian dishes, too."
- Newsday on October 2011 | View article

"Both family run wineries teamed together to create a sparkler that is sophisticated and with great finesse, focusing on the freshness and vibrancy great Prosecco is known for. Crafted with entertaining in mind, this is an ideal apperitif filled with golden apple, ripe peach and honeydew with a creamy texture and frothy mousse, and of course, lots of tiny bubbles."
- Hayley Hamilton, Sidedish blog of D Magazine, September 2011 | View article

Celebrated Living, the premium class in-flight magazine for American Airlines recommends VOVETI, describing it as an "artisanal Prosecco that is fresh, stylish, and sleek."
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"Always a bright, crisp and refreshingly bubbly, Voveti has created a luxurious sparkler designed with artistry in both the bottle and the glass, and taste in mind."
- Hayley Hamilton, Pink Memo Dallas, July 2011 | View article

"VOVETI links the grapes of the Veneto region with the winemaking of Friuli-Venezia Giulia region to create its flavor."
- StateWays, March 2011| Download flyer

"Voveti Prosecco is cosmopolitan. This one is for the hottest party at the hottest club. It is trendy yet sophisticated with notes of lemon, orange blossoms, peach, wheat and touch of vanilla. Voveti is another dry sparkler but very fresh."
- The Cork Chronicles, December 2011 | View article

The Rooftop Gourmet recommends Voveti with Diver Scallops with Oven-Roasted Tomatoes and Spinach.
- The Rooftop Gourmet, December 2011 | View article

"Just look at the picture of this bottle! Doesn't it scream DATE NIGHT! It's so sleek and sexy that it makes you want to pop it open and pour a glass....the tiny, pinpoint-like bubbles are what makes this wine so exciting."
- The He Sipped/She Sipped Wine, June 2011| View article

In an article about pairing wine with McDonald's, Snooth paired VOVETI prosecco with Chicken McNuggets.
View article | VOVETI and McNuggets pairing

"On both the nose and the palate, the wine showed heavy citrus notes of lemon, lime and green apple, strong floral components (think daisies and white flowers) and a slight mineral note on the finish. Another strong characteristic on the palate was the racing acidity. This wine was crisp and bright, a perfect match for prosciutto, seafood, olives and nuts."
- CraveDFW.com on May 2011 | View article







Voveti Italian Prosecco DOC